Direct Talk

Where did your marketing materials go?
April 26, 2016

You’ve just gotten an order from sales. They need 50 copies of the latest product sheet. You think you have a few dozen. Somewhere. Maybe. Meanwhile, dozens of brochures are supposedly on their way to potential customers. Where, exactly? Good question. What’s the ETA? Another good question. The answer will have to come later, because you have three weeks before the tradeshow, and lots of posters, parts, and pieces that have to be collected and shipped. Yet nobody knows precisely where each is, and how it all should be shipped when you do find it.

This is where an organized, planned materials management program comes in. You could be looking up items on a screen and know exactly how many product sheets you have. You could track those brochures as they make their way to each destination across the country. And you could rest easy, knowing that your tradeshow materials are all boxed and ready to go. If you’re tired of looking around for your marketing materials, it may be time to look into materials management.