Case Studies

Strong companies don’t get where they are without getting their marketing materials where you are. See how Davis Direct provides them the materials management services that reach their customers—and their goals.

Neptune Technology Group
What could marketing do with 50 percent more time?

Neptune Technology Group provides metering systems for thousands of water utility customers across North America. Each of those customized systems contains various components, software packages and apps—all of which have their own collective and individual marketing materials. Using Davis Direct’s printing services, Neptune was printing 1,500 product sheets at a time for nearly 100 products. “I have nothing but praise for their printing quality,” says Marketing Communications Specialist Niki Peterson.

However, Neptune’s facilities didn’t have room for 150,000 pieces of collateral plus other items. Neither did Neptune’s marketing department have time to manage that inventory while fielding calls and emails from sales reps, and then pull the literature, product sheets, catalogs, and giveaway items they needed and ship them. Because Davis already handled 99 percent of Neptune’s printing, it was an easy call to make to integrate our materials management services, too.

Now Davis Direct keeps it all neatly packaged within our own warehouse, until it’s time to ship. Neptune’s customized inventory web portal makes it easy for the sales and distribution group to order and track marketing materials—and for the marketing department to run billing reports by user, to help recoup costs in different sales regions.

Niki says, “Now I don’t have to field calls and emails. It saves me about 50 percent of the time I’d otherwise spend.”