Case Studies

Strong companies don’t get where they are without getting their marketing materials where you are. See how Davis Direct provides them the materials management services that reach their customers—and their goals.

Alabama Printers
Morris Group International
The one point when their marketing inventory became so simple

Morris Group International has relied on Davis Direct for printing for the last five years. And with 15 divisions, each with different literature, that’s been a lot of printing. Meanwhile, Morris Group was operating separate in-house materials management services (one in California, one in Alabama) to disseminate those materials to its sales reps. That meant storing 20 to 40 pallets full of literature on-site.

Digital Assets Specialist Drew Taylor would often have to pull and ship items to reps—when they weren’t “grabbing inventory” without ordering it first. Finding specific marketing pieces often wasn’t easy, according to Drew: “People would forget we even had certain brochures.”

Since January 2016, Morris Group has replaced its separate in-house materials management services with Davis Direct. “We consolidated everything into one access point,” says Drew. He adds that because Davis houses the marketing materials in our own warehouse, it’s opened up storage space for “actual product” at Morris Group facilities.

The inventory web portal we provided Morris Group is easily accessed by customer service and sales team members, who can order their own literature. “It’s more user-friendly than our old system and more people use it,” Drew says. “I tell them it’s just like shopping at They can view all the products at once, and then order.”

Not having to pull and ship items makes Drew’s life easier. So does Davis Direct’s website tracking, which he says is easy to train users to do. After five years of a printing partnership, the addition of materials management services is making a difference: “It just made sense to move to the next step.”