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Marketing Automation and fulfillment services

The Benefits of Marketing Automation and Fulfillment Services
May 22, 2017

Developing a marketing automation plan helps you streamline your company’s marketing efforts and centralize all of your marketing materials. While you may have an ERP system to help you automate marketing, storing, tracking and shipping marketing materials demands time and regular management. By using a marketing fulfillment service, you can outsource materials management and focus on growing your business.

What You Should Expect From a Marketing Fulfillment Service

A marketing fulfillment service should help your company manage digital and tangible assets. You should be able to view all of your materials on a web-based platform that you can operate anywhere. When your marketing department or sales force needs those materials, your fulfillment provider should ship what your company needs promptly.

Many fulfillment providers require that you produce all of your marketing materials using their services. However, Davis Direct allows you to ship materials directly to us, and the fulfillment service functions as a direct extension of your marketing department. Davis Direct can even provide a web portal branded to your company’s image.

Companies That Thrived With a Marketing Fulfillment Service

Still not sure if your company could benefit from a marketing fulfillment service? Here are a few situations where a business flourished with help from Davis Direct’s marketing fulfillment services:

  • Sick of trying to manage dozens of marketing pieces and remembering which materials are available? Morris Group International with their 15 divisions, needed over 40 pallets of marketing material to be stored and distributed. By using Davis Direct, salespeople could pick the marketing materials they needed and have them shipped directly to their offices.
  • Want to spend less time searching for and tracking down marketing materials and more time marketing to your clients? Neptune Technology Group’s marketing communications specialist estimated she cut her workload in half by allowing Davis Direct to manage Neptune’s marketing materials. The company doesn’t have to monitor marketing inventory—Davis Direct automatically prints, stores and sends the right materials.
  • Ever gotten complaints from potential customers or salespeople that they never got your marketing materials? BlueLinx lost marketing materials, missed shipments and had client complaints. To fix their marketing mishaps, they turned to a marketing fulfillment service. Davis Direct’s online inventory portal allowed BlueLinx management to track marketing materials and their use. When the company needed something, it could order it through the portal and have it shipped within a few hours.


Marketing fulfillment services eliminate the overhead of managing marketing materials on your own. You can use a simple inventory portal to view all of your materials and manage their distribution from any web-connected computer.